Australian Organic Schools Program Curriculum Alignment

Posted on 15 June 2021

Developed by Australian Organic Limited (AOL), the new and complementary Australian Organic Schools program Why Organic? is specifically designed to address the ACARA Cross-Curriculum Priority: Sustainability. The program encourages students to discover ways they can contribute to more sustainable patterns of living while continuing to diversify their current world views.

This comprehensive learning resource is fully researched and referenced offering students a variety of learning opportunities. Designed for students from P/K to Year 10, the program aims to educate and inspire students and educators alike. By providing complete lesson plans, background information, practical and experimental activities, scaled worksheets the program can be easily implemented into the existing curriculum.

Three units have been used to highlight the organic industry and how organic practices and principles contribute to sustainability. The first Unit, From Farm to Me discusses where food comes from and how it gets from the farm to the table. Unit 2: Organic for Brain, Body and Being centres around the ‘4 Principles of Organic Agriculture’. These principles are used to develop an understanding regarding the values and beliefs of organic farming. The third Unit, Get Growing uncovers the importance and benefits of eating seasonally, the wonder of soil as well as the basics of starting a productive organic vegetable garden.

By enabling educators to practise and reinforce the current STEM focuses, the AOS program offers students and teachers learning experiences that stimulate, support, provoke and investigate their current understanding of food and fibre origins and processes. For more on the new program, register for free today and be sure to visit follow social media for the latest news and articles.